1. What are your goals which you wants to achieve with in this role?
2. How do you track your own performance?
3. How do you track your team’s performance?
4. How do you deal with failure?
5. Describe the biggest risk you have taken in accomplishing your goals?
6. What are the initiative taken by your self to create high performance?


1. How do you manage rapid change?
2. Give us the example of most difficult change you have handled so far?
3. Do you feel nervous or uncomfortable when you are required to adapt to new situation or culture?
4. Could you give an example of the time when you took a bold step towards adapting new change?
5. How do you motivate other towards change? What is your approach?
6. Tell us about a time when you realized that you need as strong drive in order to cope up with market challenges?
7. Tell us a time where you have stepped out of your boundary in order to create a logical dialogues for a better out come?
8. How do you address resistance to change with in your team?
9. Give an example where you managed and handled change?


1. Tell us about your leadership experience over the last year? What did you learn about your self?
2. What was the failure what you faced? How did you managed to cover it up?
3. Tell us, what you have changed within your self; based on the feedback of others about you?
4. Describe the most challenging & stretching learning experience that has significantly changed the way you operate?
5. Define you three weaknesses?
6. What do you manage them?
7. Tell us you top 3 quantities because of which people like you?
8. Give us an example where your positive behavior has an impact on the team?
9. How do your improve your self? Kindly give an example?


1. Tell us about a time when you have successfully influenced different stake holder opinions to shape up the agenda?
2. Give us the example where your opinion helped in shaping up a policy/procedure; how did it benefited the business?
3. Tell us about a time where you saw and garbed the opportunity in for the improvement of the brand image?
4. How effective are you in managing your team? What is the best part of it, and what is the worst part?
5. How do you manage the internal/External stake holders? What are the best and worst part of it?
6. How do you approach crucial team members?
7. How do you approach crucial internal and external stake holders?
8. How you build up external network for the benefit of the business?

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