How YOLO Mentoring Works


Student and youngsters register for YOLO Mentor program by using YOLO login ID. You can choose to get mentoring on career & study, personal development, and business & entrepreneurship. Our seasoned team of professionals is ready to take you as Mentee.

Meet the Mentor - Online

In the second phase the mentees get to know about the Mentors (profile and achievements). Our unique 1:1 matching system is designed intelligently to match the best FIT for The JOB Mentor for you.


In the third phase a structured Mentor ship Program starts and mentee starts participating in the activities shared by the Mentor. Mentor will share periodic literature (article, blogs, recommended books and magazines) with mentee, and mentee can ask questions through emails, there will be a webinar in each month recommended by Mentor to mentee and participation of mentee is essential.

Duration of program: 1 month (initially)

Every week literature sharing, plus a question answer session 1 webinar per month


Mentee and Mentor develop a relation of understanding and trust with each other. A review skype session fortnightly, to see the progress of mentee and further advice, and encouragement


Mentor helps mentee in streamlining plan of action - Putting words into actions. A practical approach will be given by the mentor to mentee, and mentee will apply this approach in his / her daily approach.


Mentee successfully builds confidence and life skills through mentoring. Mentee builds a more focused approach towards his / her issues through successful mentoring.


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